Meet Our Scholars

Meet Our Scholars - Fall 2018

    I know as a resident and a graduate of Gonzales, that the city is in need of reform, and the only way to fix it is with the help of the community. With the education I learn from college, I plan to help the city of Gonzales and the Monterey community with the repair and construction of new roads, bridges, buildings, etc and the ever-growing population. I will take care of the maintenance in the community, the expansion of the community and the growth of the community for the future generations. I want the community to be proud that they live in a small town were they feel appreciated and acknowledged. I want the people of the community to know that their community is not bland, and that there is other people that want to help change the community for the better.
My intentions in helping the community are to make it a better place, a more prosperous community. Many families in this community want to see their children flourish and not have to go through the struggles that they had to go through. With the help of people in the community and people outside the community, these challenges can be overcome and can make the community flourish. I want the children of the community to look up to young adults going to college, whether it be from the community, cousins, brothers/sisters etc., to look at them like they symbolize a hero or someone they can look up to. I wish for everyone to be happy and to have peace in this small community.
I do not want my education to be used as a coup de grace or it to symbol that everyone “has” to go to college because I want the children to follow their dreams no matter what that might be. Here in the US we have the privilege to become whatever we desire and no one else has the right to say no, that is why people come over from different countries, to live the American dream. Maybe some would like to be in the NFL, join the army, pursuit a dream of being an actor, comedian, artist, fashion designer, pro gamer etc. whatever they decide I want them to know that there are people in the world that care about their dreams and their future.
I want the future generation to be happy about their home and I want to encourage them to go to college, so they can succeed and prosper in life. I want to motivate the youth about college and how they can impact the community, even if it's the smallest of things. I will start a program like this one, to give scholarships to students in need, who plan on going to continue their education. I hope that this will start a chain in the community to help everyone long after I have passed because nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing people accomplish their long desired dreams.    


Growing up in a dominantly Hispanic community I have noticed that many kids don't tend to take their education seriously. School to them is just a place to meet friends and to pass time. They see it as a requirement rather as an opportunity. Unfortunately, we live in a low-income community where work and helping our parents support our families is prioritized over our education. Most of our parents stopped going to school in elementary school, and have little to no knowledge of college. I will use my education to be a prime example of all the career and life opportunities out there ready to be sought. I want to show the kids in my community the importance of education, and the rewards that come from hard-work. As a Hispanic Woman it is important for me to take advantage of every opportunity that many in my community are deprived of. I hope kids within my community see my accomplishments and know that anything is possible, and that they aren't limited to any lifestyle because of where they are from or because of the color of their skin. 

    Education has always been an essential substructure upon which I build my goals and dreams. Without education, I will not be able to achieve my most substantial goal; help treat patients of all ages with injuries, illnesses or disabilities through the therapeutic use of everyday necessities. My teachers and advisors have helped me obtain insights of our changing world and my father has introduced me into the field of Kinesiology. I started to think my education was important once I started as a freshman in high school. I used to spend all of my hours doing homework, projects, studying for tests, you name it. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. Every single year the situation would get harder and harder, but facing obstacles made me realize that nothing is impossible. I still try my best to succeed and see myself uprising to become a better person. Education is a vital tool in every aspect. Education opens a lot of opportunities to find prosperity and build career growth within myself. It is significant to me because I’ve been working hard since I learned the true meaning of where this was taking me. The purpose of education is to create a better version of myself. To creatively transform myself into a person with intentions of striving in life. Having a determined mindset of who I want to become in life, what do I want to give and what human being I want to become. If it wasn’t for education or even my mentors then I wouldn’t be the person I am today full of dreams and goals. Education has build upon me and I will not stop until I reach my optimal goal. After graduating high school and earning my diploma, I will be attending the Hartnell Community College. During this time I will be preparing myself to finish in the community college and transfer to a 4-year university and graduate with a kinesiology major and earn a degree. If my perseverance is achieved I will continue to expand my education ability and would achieve in receiving a PhD degree. Throughout my high school experience I wanted to be involved in my school and community.  I currently have a job in a store and work thirty-six hours a week for the beneficial of myself and family. So far I have been able to stay focus on school and do my job at the same time. Having these responsibilities is helping me become responsible and giving me the opportunity of how my life will be once I graduate and go off to the real world as an independent woman.
Over the past couple of years I have served to my community in many ways. I have helped organize events for my church, community and school. Throughout these services I have enjoyed giving back to my community and serving time for all they have done for this small community. I will continue to do these services and give back to my community and help others with any needs. Additionally, awarding this scholarship would further motivate me to pursue academic excellence.

          I plan to use my degree to make a positive impact on my community, by trying to become a good role model for other students who want to pursue a college degree. My goal is to show students that it does not matter where they come from, but rather to have a clear image of where they're headed, all while always remaining humble. After being raised in Corda and moving away for college, I was able to detect a few issues that affect our community. One of which, is the lack of interest for seeking a better future by earning a degree. I would like to see the percentage of students from Corda whom attend college, be much higher than it was before I left. As another large group of students begin to reach high school graduation, and will begin a new chapter in their life, I would like to see all of them graduate and go away to college. Through a larger number of students attending college, we can all work toward the greater good and help make our community better.
      I also plan to help guide and inform other students on college expectations, and provide them with helpful tips and insight that I wish I was provided with. A few tips would be to get as involved as possible in whatever college they decide to attend. I did not realize how helpful and resourceful this tip would be when I entered college. Also, college depends a lot on what you know, but who you know will allow for better opportunities after finishing school. I will also continue to use my degree to help gardeners in my community have a better understanding of agricultural practices. Finally, for the community members who are unemployed, I would like to be able to help employ them or help them seek new career paths. As you can see, I have a lot of goals and hopes for the members in our community here at Corda but unfortunately, my absence in our community does not allow me to effectively convey my message.   
      The degree that I am working towards will allow me to become the first person in my family to attend college and pursue my career interests. Although the degree itself will have meaning for my family as well as for myself, the struggles and experience throughout the journey will make the degree the most memorable. With the knowledge gained through my college education, I plan to pursue a career as either a pest control advisor or a crops genetics engineer. Agriculture has been my career goal for many years now and through new innovations, it has opened up even more opportunities for career pathways with a crops & horticulture degree. After acquiring this degree, it will allow me to become financially stable while having a career that I will enjoy for many years to come. I also hope to someday be able to own my own business as well as be able to make investments for my future.    

     Having an education is very important. With education we can help others who can’t help themselves and make an impact in the world. Contributing to causes that matter would be a way I would use my education to make an impact. I would go to my local school and volunteer to tutor kids who are struggling with their education. Many students often have trouble with either reading or mathematics and with my education I believe I would be able to achieve that. By helping at least one person become successful would make an impact and would definitely make me feel better as well.  Participating in politics would also be another way to make not just my community but the world a better place. Unfortunately, many Americans often ignore the polls during election without realizing that their vote can make a big difference especially young educated people. College students should be taking advantage of the opportunities they have with the education they get. Politics is not a subject that many young people like to talk about or are excited about and that should change. Talking politics can make a very big difference and I believe it’s a subject that should be talked about. Politics I believe is practiced in high school, students voting for their class president, vice president, treasurer is a good way to start talking about it. Another way to make an impact in my community is by having a healthy community, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Exercising and eating healthy is a way start showing your community and your family how important it is to be healthy in every way possible. According to The College of St. Scholastica, ”studies show that the habits of college graduated students contribute to healthy communities… College graduates are less likely to smoke… They are also more likely to maintain a regular exercise routing and a healthy weight.”  As a result, communities are happier and more productive when they are healthy. In the future I know that with the education I get I would be able to save thousands of lives around the world and to start off I could start in my local community. Many young educated people don't realize how much of a difference they can make in their communities and how much better the world can be. Helping people in the community is the best way to start, volunteering to help out in school, church, programs and many others would make a difference. The benefits of a college degree can amplify the impact in the world around us in a way that will benefit our whole community. Millennials are the future of the world and making the world a better place starts off with us and it all starts in a classroom. Making a difference in my community is a goal that I would love to accomplish and I will do so by volunteering to help others, staying healthy physically, emotionally and mentally, and getting involved in politics.